Starting Over

Hi there!!  First of all welcome to The Nook in the Woods!!  I am so excited you’re here and cannot wait to share all things UP NORTH with you!!  

Ever since I was a little girl I loved going Up North.  There is something so peaceful, cozy and magical about the Northwoods.  The woods, the lakes, the wildlife, the smells, and the people.  Now that I am an adult and live in the Northwoods I get to experience the cozy, heart-warming feelings everyday.  My husband and I started The Nook in the Woods because we want to bring the Up North feels to your heart and home too. 

This is our mission and we are so blessed to have been brought together to combine our passions and we hope to bring a bit of the Northwoods to you and your home!

We aren’t your typical couple that’s been together we came together in our mid 30’s after heartbreak and a bunch of life experiences.  Isn’t is funny how life works out??  Have you ever looked at your life and just thought “how in the world am I here right now??”  Like you had planned to be in such a different place in your mid 30’s and life just did not turn out the way you thought it would at that point.  Same!!

I love telling the story of how we met because it’s not what people expect.  So nothing super duper exciting but we actually met on Facebook....I know right?!  He messaged me about one of my workout videos (yes I love to workout and was a fitness coach at that time and shared for inspiration) and I was like oh jeeze another typical guy. LOL!! 

A few months went by and he messaged me again about a song in my video, and l was bored at work so I thought ok sure I’ll respond to pass the time.  Well lucky for me I did and we have talked everyday ever since!! And for good measure, I was sure to ask if he was a serial killer because you just never know!! haha!!  So, some words of wisdom from me are to just go for it and take the risk.  You just might have a conversation that can change the entire trajectory of your life in the best way possible!

We were given the opportunity to bring together the best parts of ourselves and create a life where we could both kind of begin again.  This has been so exciting for our family (we have a Baby Bear on the way to add to the two kids I brought into our relationship) and have so much hope for what the future will bring!!

Are you at the point in your life where you aren’t sure how you got there, but you know that it’s not where you really thought you’d be?  Do you feel like now that you’ve been able to experience lots of things including heartbreak, parenting, different careers, different cities and just life that you know exactly what you want? 

Do you feel like you will never find the right person to spend the rest of your life with?  Believe me, I’ve been there too and it can be discouraging.  Having faith and letting go of trying to make things happen the way you want to is the best piece of advice I can offer.  Once I did this I found the man of my dreams, the one that makes my soul happy, and we have been laughing and dreaming of our future ever since!!  

Don’t give up faith because you can always start over!

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  • I seen your stuff when you were at the Merrill Eagles Club for the craft show. Because it was a last minute thing my sister asked me to go with her to the craft shows in town that weekend I didn’t bring enough cash with me. I fell in love with your sweatshirts and brought your business card home with me. I have already gotten my first order from you, super fast shipping! and just love all of it, from the candles and wax melts to the T and sweatshirt I ordered. So I am back today to order more! I look forward to keeping an eye on your website for new stuff! I already am making my list for Christmas gifts for next year lol. I love to support people who work hard at doing something they love that also gives enjoyment to others. Your products are awesome! Thanks for being in Merrill that day! Barb

    Barb Plautz

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